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Travelling is a great way to express yourself, it is said that the decisions made about your journey destinations tell something about your personality. And to some extend it can be true because when you pick big metropolis as your destination it conveys the message that you like the rush which is present in those places and on the other hand when you choose a bit quieter places or smaller it may mean that you are a calm person who needs some calmness. But all this theory can be incorrect because you can be a crazy person who wants to come to Camden, borough located in north west part of London which forms a part of Inner London. Camden is a small borough which is a residential area for many people. The place is famous for its street markets, you will be shocked how many of them you will see. Different market sell different kinds of products, just take a look: On Camden Lock Market you can find many kinds of crafts, books, clothing, jewellery and fast food. Stables Market where you can find a mix of permanent shops and stalls selling household items, antiques, alternative clothing and food.

Camden Lock Village, here you can enjoy clothing and accessories, as well as a range of unusual items. Camden Market but now it is named Buck Street, the market sells fashion for all tastes. Electric Ballroom can be another interesting indoor market which sells fashion market opened only on Sundays. The borough can be called the area of performance because even eating here is accompanied by the show- the Roundhouse has a great pre-theatre menu. If you are hungry here you take a chance to taste some international dishes, like Italian food at Trufflesecco, at Gilgamesh- delicious Indian dishes, South African food can be found in Shaka Zulu. If you want to taste some Scottish dishes and drink some Scottish beer you should go to the Brew Dog. In Camden you will have a lot do to, you will never feel bored here.

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