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If you are planning a visit to London you should consider landing on Heathrow Airport which is located in London. The connection from the airport to the Central London is accessible, you can get to any place by the Underground by Piccadilly Line, the stations that you can take are Terminal 2 and 3, Terminal 4, Terminal 5 and Hatton Cross, the journey from the airport to Hatton Cross via bus is free of charge. If there is a need you can also take some busses and coaches which travel from Heathrow Terminals to different parts of London. National Express is the line which serves most of the routes. Are you wondering how did it all begun?

The history of Heathrow dates back to 1929, at the beginning at the place of present airport people could see a garden market, farms and orchards. The location of Terminal 1 was called the Heathrow Farm. The development of Heathrow begun in 1944 and back then it was used for the military aircrafts. The need of the civil airport influenced the decision that the military airport will be changed into a civil airport. The London Airport was the first name of the place, but in 1966 its name was changed into the Heathrow Airport and this name stayed until now. Heathrow airport is extremely big, and it serves hundreds of people per day. In 2015 it was noticed that the most popular route from the Heathrow Airport was the route to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. There are two runaways which are used for everyday services on Heathrow Airport- The Northern Runaway and Southern Runaway. Those two runaways are used for take-offs and landings interchangeably. If you are curious about the Heathrow Airport, please read more in its website.

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