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When people think about United Kingdom, London is the only thing that often comes to their minds. But surprisingly, the country has many interesting places which are worth visiting. Each one of them has its own culture which is a small part in the whole history of United Kingdom. Each piece of the country makes it so amazing! If you ever been to United Kingdom and you did not fell in love with the country, be conscious because this moment can appear this time!

Islington- it is a small district in Greater London, in addition it forms a part of the London Borough of Islington. Many people who live in Islington are Londoners who fled from the rush which is present in London. If you are looking for some peace and quiet during your trip, Islington can be appropriate place for you! In Islington the life goes slower and you can really feel it. All you have to do it visit this place. The Upper Street here is the main shopping street in Islington, here you will be delighted with number of small shops and boutiques, if you are a fan of shopping then this street is certainly for you, but if you are not an avid fan, you can quickly jump in to the Upper Street, buy some gits for your relatives and leave it. There you will find many cafes and restaurants which are really worth visiting, besides from Asian, Oriental, Italian and French food, here you can taste some perfectly made English breakfast and you can drink delicious British tea at 5 pm. Let yourself be an Englishman for a moment. You will never regret it. Many local bakeries offer their own products, so you can try some local delicacies. When you feel a bit tired you can get some rest by the Regent’s Canal which flows through Islington. Parks are really breath-taking in this area of UK so do not forget to visit one of them.

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