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When you are dreaming about meeting some famous people, taking some photos and selfies with them then this place is specially designed for such a people as you! Wondering what is this place? Located on Marylebone Road in south of Regent's Park, it is the an amazing Museum of fax figures. Madame Tussaud is one of the most popular attractions in London. Each day of the year, crowds of people stay in queue in front of the building to enter it and to see the most popular people in the world. The sculptors, who works for the Madame Tussaud, have done piece of great job because famous people in the museum are just statues, they look extremely authentic. They used measurements and lots of photos in order to get a perfect likeness of celebrities, it takes about six months to create a really lifelike wax model. Do you enjoy living the life of celebrities? Is it your dream to see some famous people? All these figures are waiting for you to see them! You do not have to go to Miami or Hollywood, now you will find many famous people in one place, here in London at Madame Tussaud. In the museum you can find figures which include Elvis Presley, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Tony Blair and that is just a few of them. There you will also find interactive tasks such as entering the Big Brother diary room, taking a penalty alongside David Beckham and umpiring an Andy Murray tennis match. You can find a Music Zone in here, where you can find legends of pop music like Bob Marley and some current artists like Justin Timberlake. Additionally, visitors can win and award in the museum, by trying out their own dance moves. It attracts a lot of people to take part in this great game! Walking a red carpet is not a problem here, you can make your dreams come true, while being on a red carpet you can strike a pose and wait until the paparazzi takes the photo of you. You can party with your favourite celebrities, there you can meet Dame Helen Mirren, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and even Morgan Freeman! Isn’t it amazing?

Another interesting, but in the same time a bit creepy attraction in the museum it is the exhibition of the "Chamber of Horrors" with torture instruments and famous murderers! The oldest figure on display it is The Sleeping Beauty, it is Madame du Barry, she appears asleep and some device which is placed in her chest makes it seem as if she were breathing.

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