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You are planning your trip to United Kingdom but Heathrow Airport is far from the place of your destination? Check if the Stansted Airport will is nearby your destination point. If it is you will save your time, you will not have to travel from Heathrow to another place. This airport takes most of the low-cost carriers. The Stansted Airport is the largest base for low-cost airline Ryanair with over 130 destinations served by the airline. The place was opened in 1943 by the Royal Air Force and the United States Army Air Forces. It was used as a major maintenance depot and as a bomber airfield. Back in 1947 the place of today’s airport was for housing German prisoners. After working as a military airport Stansted airport begun working as a public airport. The place is famous for low prices and that is why the total number of all the passengers has risen and in 2014 it has its record in annual increase to 19.9million. The airport serves huge numbers of people and for some people it is hard to imagine that the airport has only one terminal- because of the numbers of visitors you can imagine how crowded it is. When you are leaving London and you came to the airport by car you can freely leave it at the car park which is available on Stansted. If you are wondering how to get to Stansted you can travel by coach, bus or train which operates every fifteen minutes so there is no difficulty in getting to Stansted Airport from London. In the nearby are of the Stansted Airport you will find many hotel which will provide you with a great piece of relaxation. Hotels provide you with the best beds, relaxing huge bathrooms, great food and other facilities like, gyms and pools. Here you will never feel bored.

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