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1.Pages on this website contain material of an adult nature, which are only for adult use! The materials displayed on this site should ONLY be viewed by adults, it means people above 18. If you are under the age, the content of the site may scandalize you. If you are younger than 18, you should leave this site immediately.

2. The money paid to the Escort by the person hiring that girl is only paid for her time and companionship. Anything that occurs between an Escort and a Client during the time of duration is a result of actions resigned by adults. They both accept the conditions of using the Escort service. NOTE: It is the right of an Escort to end an appointment at any time, under the condition of being threatened physically or verbally. Every escort has the right to finish the meeting, when she decides she is in a dangerous situation. Treating Escorts with respect and kindness is a must. We will not tolerate any form of mental or physical abuse, It is under the restricted law. Anyone who decides to offend an Escort must reckon with the criminal prosecution.

3. All girls who work as Escorts are NOT employed by Escort London. Escort London does not employ any of the girls. All Escorts, who are advertised on this website are Independent Escorts, who work on their freelance basis. Escort London is only an website which facilitates the announcements of those girls. They determine the price for their time and accompany.

4. No one has the right to copy, publish or distribute the materials available on this site. All content of this website including photos is a subject to copyrights. Copyrights are protected by the law and anyone who decides to use the rights will be prosecuted.

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