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Travelling is always a great experience, it develops your cultural awareness and the knowledge about different countries and its cultures. One of the most interesting thing about travelling is that when you travel to some diverse place you can meet many cultures, not just for example British, in London you can meet Asian, Polish, Italian cultures and certainly many more. It is because London is so diverse and it is home to many people from around the world. London is full of places which are worth visiting. One of them is a famous Tower Bridge which crosses the River Themes, it has become a symbol of London. The construction begun in 1886 and it took eight years to finish it. The facture employed 432 workers. It consists of two bridge towers connected together by two horizontal walkways and the vertical parts of the bridge are two heavy tower. The Tower Bridge is so popular around the world that every third person answers “Tower Bridge” when asked to enumerate one characteristic feature of London. The 2012 Summer Olympics was a huge event for London and for its residents. And of course the Tower Bridge was a part of it. In June 2012 the Tower Bridge was lighted up by a set of Olympic rings which marked one month until the start of the games. The rings measured 11 meters and weighted 11 tonnes, so when looking at the Bridge you could feel a great atmosphere of the games. When the games ended, the rings were removed from the bridge.

Another thing that is interesting about the Tower Bridge is that you can look at London beneath your feet when standing on the glass floor of the walkway. The floor is 11 meters long and 1.8 meters wide. Standing on the glass floor can give you the feeling that the whole London is far from you, all red busses, people who rush somewhere are under your feet. The Walkway also offers an amazing panoramic view of London, it is a really great scene. If you are afraid of height you can have some problem with walking through the walkway, but try it, you will not regret it. Make sure to bring your camera with you in order to take some pictures of the panoramic views!

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